Alton Evolution Victorian Cedar Greenhouses 10ft9 wide

Alton Evolution Victorian Cedar Greenhouses 10ft9 wide
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Product Overview

This Alton Evolution Victorian greenhouse is offered in variations of 'Glass-to-ground', Half-boarded' or Dwarf Wall models using far thicker Cedar components than ever before. The new Victorian style Spandrels (internal diagonal supports) at the eaves and ridge together with a 45 degree roof pitch provides the ultimate in strength and rigidity.  All Aluminium components including Gutters, Ridge Cover Cap and Louvre Vents are finished in Moss Green to blend perfectly with the Cedar as it mellows.    Supply and building of a Brick Dwarf wall is not included in price of Dwarf Wall models.

Price includes:-
Cedar Capping
 Toughened Safety Glass
1 or more Auto-opening Roof Vents
1 or more Louvre Vents
Rainwater Downpipes

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Optional Moss Green Aluminium Staging