Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
Revised and effective from 8th April 2015

1 Interpretations

1.1 ‘The Purchaser’ is deemed to be the person, Company or their representative(s) placing or having placed an order for goods.
1.2 ‘The Company’ is deemed to be ‘The Incredibly Sensible Greenhouse Company’, Plaisters Green, Winford, North Somerset, BS40 8BH in the United Kingdom.
1.3 ‘The Goods’ include all products provided by The Incredibly Sensible Greenhouse Company.
1.4 The ‘Contract Of Sale’ is deemed to be the Order acknowledgment issued by ‘The Company’ ( See 3.1 below).
1.5 The term ‘In writing’ shall be notification by written letter or electronic mail (E.mail).
1.6 Any reference to these Terms & Conditions of a Statute shall be construed as a reference to that provision, or as amended, re-enacted or extended.
1.7 The headings in these Terms & conditions are for convenience and shall not affect their interpretation.

2. Consumer protection (Distance Selling) Regs.2000

2.1 ‘The Purchaser’ is entitled to cancel his/her order up to seven days after receiving goods
2.2 ‘The Purchaser’ is further entitled to cancel the ‘Contract of Sale’’ in writing’ to ‘The Company up to seven working days following date of delivery of goods but in so doing must take all reasonable care to ensure the safe keeping and return of ‘The Goods’ to ‘The Company’ at the customer’s cost in the original packaging, undamaged and in a saleable condition. Goods will only be accepted for return and credit up to seven working days after notification by the customer by e.mail via the website ‘Contact page’ or in writing.
2.3 As an exception to (2.2) above, it is a Special Condition of sale that any order for a non-standard colour finish or bespoke Greenhouse model cannot be cancelled after fourteen days from date of the Order Acknowledgment without liability for full payment.

3 Orders and Specifications

3.1 All orders submitted by ‘The Purchaser’ shall only be accepted as a ‘Contract of Sale’ after the issue of a written Order Confirmation by The Company (not auto-response computer generated acknowledgments). ‘The Company’ reserves to right to decline any order howsoever received prior to issuing a written confirmation of order.
3.2 All orders for goods are subject to acceptance based on geographical location within Europe and mainland United Kingdom ‘The Company’ reserves the right to decline any order irrespective of any website automated response suggesting or implying acceptance. ‘The Company’ will notify ‘The Purchaser’ within forty-eight hours if an order has been declined.
3.3 The quantity and description of ‘The Goods’ as set out in the Order Acknowledgment will be adhered to by ‘The Company’ subject to change or alteration only after mutual agreement between ‘The Purchaser’ and ‘The Company’ providing also that any change or alteration is made at least seven days prior to delivery. Any such changes will have been deemed to have been accepted after the issue by ‘The Company’ of a revised or new Order Acknowledgment or confirmation by electronic mail (E.mail).
3.4 All Greenhouses and other garden buildings are sold on a ‘supply only’ basis unless otherwise stated on the Order Acknowledgment.

4 Pricing

4.1 All prices published by ‘The Company’ whether on it’s website, brochure or other publications are offered as ‘An invitation to treat’ only.
4.2 ‘The Company’ reserves the right to alter any published prices or withdraw any offers at anytime without notice.

5 Delivery and acceptance of Goods

5.1 Delivery times and dates given at the time of ordering are always approximate based on advice given by the relevant manufacturer.
’The Company’ will not be liable for any cost implications arising from delays howsoever caused by any third party or any event not
in the control of or which could not have been reasonably foreseen..
5.2 It is the responsibility of ‘The Purchaser’ to ensure that any missing packages are recorded at the time of delivery and contents of all packages checked within seven days after delivery, reporting any missing parts within that time, Any claims for broken or missing glass must be received by ‘The Company’ within 72 hours after delivery. ‘The Company’ will not accept responsibility for glass breakages after this time.
5.4 In the unlikely event of goods being defective upon delivery, replacement will be made without delay or as soon as possible thereafter. In the event of any defective parts being discovered during or after installation by ‘The Purchaser’, ‘The Company’ will replace those items as soon as possible for self-assembly.
5.5 The risk of ‘The Goods’ passes on to ‘The Purchaser’ or his/her representative upon delivery.

6 Payment Terms

6.1 Following receipt of an agreed deposit payable by ‘The Purchaser’ and shown on the Order Acknowledgment, the remaining amount representing full payment of ‘The Goods’ (except Installation charge if appropriate) shall become payable on notification of delivery. Any deviation from these terms will result in delay or postponement of delivery. Payment for installation is to be made before or on the same day as installation.
6.2 All goods remain the property of ‘The Company’ until full payment has been made.

7 Optional Installation

7.1 ‘The Company’ accepts responsibility for and reserves the right to use it’s own or sub-contracted Installers to carry out the installation of Greenhouses and other garden buildings in accordance with the relevant manufacturer’s prevailing instruction manual.
7.2 Installation of all garden buildings supplied and carried out by or on behalf of ‘The Company’ will only be installed onto a customer supplied flat and level site of either a Concrete Slab, Concrete Footings, Paving Slabs or Dwarf Wall as appropriate. Building or altering of any Masonry is not included in the installation service. Sealing of any greenhouse Base Cill is not included in the installation service. It is the responsibility of the purchaser and/or his/her representative to ensure the base is firm, flat and level. All building work preparation should be carried out by a competent person to plans and written dimensions supplied by the relevant manufacturer or ‘The Company’ prior to commencement of any work. The ground inside and for one metre surrounding theoutside of the site must be level and free of any obstructions to ensure the safe use of ladders, safety of Installers
and adequate room to glaze the greenhouse from the outside.
7.3 The optional installation service excludes assembly or installation of Staging and Shelving with all greenhouses whether or not purchased as part of a package deal. These items are supplied flat-packed for self-assembly.
7.4 In the event of the Installer(s) having presented themselves to commence or complete the installation of any structure supplied by ‘The Company’ but are unable to do so for reasons set out in sub-paragraph 7.2 above, ‘The Company’ reserves the right to levy a charge equivalent to the cost of full installation and/or travel expenses.
7.5 Agreed dates for installation are subject to prevailing or forecasted weather conditions as well as other factors leading up to the installation date that may have affected Installers own schedules. ‘The Purchaser’ will be informed of any postponements or delays at the earliest opportunity. ‘The Company’ will not be responsible for any costs Incurred or for time lost by ‘The Purchaser’ as a result of postponement of installation for reasons set out above, shortages, damaged or wrongly supplied parts or any other reason beyond the control of ‘The Company’.

8 Warranties and Liability

8.1 All guarantees and warranties are offered on behalf of the relevant manufacturers only.
8.2 ‘The Company’ will not be liable for any defects arising from ‘fair wear and tear’ willful or accidental damage (howsoever caused), negligence, alteration, use other than for which the greenhouse or garden building has been designed, or damage caused as a result of adverse weather.
8.3 By the very nature of design and construction as a garden leisure building, all Greenhouses and other garden buildings supplied by ‘The Company’ are not expected or considered to be wind proof, draught proof or leak proof and therefore not included in any guarantee.

9 Delivery Terms and Conditions

Free delivery to most parts of mainland UK for all greenhouses and garden buildings supplied by ‘The Company’ or as specified on each product page. Delivery of accessories purchased separately will
be subject to ‘The Company’s’ prevailing charges.