Please read this first

What do I need to know?

Due to the knock-on effects the current pandemic has and still is having on the greenhouse industry, followed by an unprecedent nationwide demand for greenhouses, without exception, ALL manufacturers have significantly increased their delivery times.  Although delivery schedules are periodically revised, the current trend seems to increase rather than decrease.  The earliest one particular manufacturer can deliver new orders at the present time is 10-12  weeks while some are quoting anything up to 30 weeks!!

Why are you telling me this?

We have a reputation of actually being 'Incredibly Sensible' with down-to-earth prices, and also always doing what we say we will do; and want to keep it that way. We're also openly transparent in our dealings with our customers by providing accurate and honest information.

How can I find out actual delivery times now?

Let us know of any particular model that takes your interest by calling us on 01761 463102, and we'll advise you of latest delivery times.

How do you suggest I proceed?

You can order in the normal way either by telephone or online, and we'll do our utmost to get your greenhouse to you as soon as possible. However because of the uncertainty and the ever-increasing demand for greenhouses nationally, it's probably a good idea to plan for the next spring season instead.  Ordering now will ensure current prices regardless of any likely price increases that usually follow at the end of each year.

If I consider waiting until 2021 before purchasing, will delivery times return to normal?

All indications suggest that delivery times will not return to normal for the foreseeable future. The current demand will almost certainly impact well into next year. If you were planning to purchase a greenhouse next year, it's probably a good idea to order now with the knowledge that you can cancel at anytime, and for any reason, with a full refund of all monies paid.  A £100 deposit will secure current prices and delivery held until you are ready to receive it.

By making contact with you, will I be obligated to place an order?

Absolutely not!  We won't even attempt to solicit an order in any way - that's not who we are.  We'll tell you what you want to know and leave the rest to you.